New Song: Madonna, 'Girl Gone Wild'

Madonna's bubble gum, pep rally tune "Give Me All Your Luvin' " was pretty tame compared with what "Girl Gone Wild," the second single to drop from her forthcoming album, MDNA, brings to the dance floor. This time, the Queen of Pop suggests we get cray-cray in the club. Warning: This song could induce a sudden urge for an all-night party binge. I'll bring the Swedish Fish!

Listen to Madonna's "Girl Gone Wild" after the jump.

The song instantly brings to mind Madonna's Confessions On A Dance Floor (think "Sorry") -- thumping 808s, swirling synths and electronic vocals. If the Benny Benassi-produced beat alone doesn't get you all hot and bothered, Madge's lyrical advice to let go of your inhibitions and sweat it all out will: "It's so erotic/ This feeling can't be beat/It's coursing through my whole body/Feel the heat/I got that burning hot desire/No one can put out my fire." All right everyone, cool down!

We're sure Madonna's not condoning getting buck wild seven days a week -- she is a parent, guys -- but if this high-octane track alludes to what her new album (dropping March 26) has to offer, we can't make any promises to keep on our best behavior. Sorry, Mom.

+ Listen to Madonna's "Girl Gone Wild."

Photo credit: Getty Images