New Video: Bon Iver, 'Towers'

Watch Bon Iver's latest video, "Towers."

Bon Iver's been on a serious roll ever since he snagged not one but two Grammys earlier this month -- the coveted Best New Artist award and Best Alternative Music Album for his self-titled Bon Iver. Actually, Justin Vernon's been on a roll way before his Grammy win (does high praise from Kanye West mean anything to anyone?), but at least now he can send a public "Eff you!" to the haters. But moving on...

Directed by Nabil Elderkin, Bon Iver's stunningly beautiful new video for "Towers" kinda looks like it's set in the small town of Forks where my favorite novel ever "Twilight" takes place. (Sorry or you're welcome, Bon Iver.) A kind-looking old man wakes up at dawn, gets meticulously dressed and tosses some nets in the back of his beat-up truck. Bon Iver's beautifully layered, melancholic harmonies serve as the soundtrack as the old man drives along an empty, wooded road towards his destination.

Watch Bon Iver's "Towers" video after the jump.

While we don't want to spoil the cliffhanger ending, we can definitely tell you that ol' dude did not have plans to go fishing. Though he does get in a boat, he ends up next to a set of giant wood towers that proceed to crumble as soon as the man approaches. Pure chaos ensues and we're basically left wondering what the hell just went down.

While we hope the old man rows his way home to a hot shower and a delicious dinner, we're pretty sure that's not what happens. Damn, Justin. What this old guy ever do to you?

+ Watch Bon Iver's "Towers" video.