New Video: D-Why, 'Macchiato Music'

We've basically been falling in love with hip-hop newcomer D-WHY ever since we saw how hot he looked in a chunky knit sweater first buzzed about him. Naturally, the love affair has only gotten stronger. Not only do we now have ourselves a new video, but hello, do you see that bone structure? Produced by T-Minus, "Macchiato Music" is the first official video off D-WHY's upcoming mixtape "Don’t Flatter Yourself" which also happens to feature a few peeps you might have heard of: Diggy Simmons, Hit-BoyBoi-1da, and Dot Da Genius. No biggie, D rolls mad deep.

Shot in Venice, Italy, the beautifully filmed, Rex Arrow-directed "Macchiato Music" features a dapper D-WHY gazing out at the Venice canals while he sips his very own -- wait for it -- macchiato. (So chic.) He later chills in a pimped-out gondola before hopping onto dry land to proceed to wear the most-well fitting suit we've ever seen. (Have we mentioned this dude's attractive?)

Watch D-WHY's "Macchiato Music" video after the jump.

As he jets around the city, D raps about his dream girl in a language most of the female population can understand -- "Sex and the City": "Need a girl who/ Acts like Charlotte/ Works like Miranda/ Dresses like Carrie/ F---- like Samantha." He later adds, "My dream girl drives a Ferrari/ Dresses and listens to Marley/ She's down to ride like a Harley/ And looks like Malibu Barbie." Welp, good luck on that quest, bro.

I don't quite resemble Malibu Barbie (I'm a brunette!) but I do work hard like Miranda, and I certainly love me some Bob Marley. Do I have a shot, boo?

+ Watch D-WHY's "Macchiato Music" video.

Photo credit: Sequoia Emmanuelle Photography