Video Premiere: The Front Bottoms, 'Looking Like You Just Woke Up'

The Front Bottoms' video for "Looking Like You Just Woke Up" will feel immediately relatable if you've ever fake-played guitar and lip-synched along to a song. (So, everyone?) Well, if you've ever done that wearing only your undies. (So, 90 percent of you?) It fits the humorous approach of the New Jersey duo, whose self-titled album is comprised of 12 songs rife with youthful, sometimes random observational lyrics folded into quirky, jerky choruses and ridiculously infectious melodies.

Watch The Front Bottoms' "Looking Like You Just Woke Up" video after the jump.

The Front Bottoms' "Looking Like You Just Woke Up" video is as lovably quirky as the song itself. Singer/ Guitarist Brian Sella laughs as he says to drummer/ bullhorn wielder Matt Uychich, "All right, ready? Do your thing," before the drum beat begins and the screen splits. Sella is suddenly replaced by a pretty blonde in her underwear, who spends the rest of the video "being" Sella. Side note: I wish I looked that good when I just woke up.

Meanwhile Sella's off motoring around town on a bike, and just as you're asking, "Why aren't they wearing clothes? Who's this blonde?" the frenetic They Might Be Giants-meets-Thermals-leaning chorus kicks in: "I'm swinging like a fist fight, concrete basement all right, all right/ Let's keep this as clean, as clean as you like." Um, all right, all right!

At this point it's better to stop trying to find the meaning (as Jay-Z/ Kanye West's "Paris" via Will Farrell's Chazz tells us, "No one knows what it means, but it's provocative") and live for the present moment, which seems exactly The Front Bottoms' point. Meaning doesn't really matter when you're having this much fun.

"Looking Like You Just Woke Up" is on The Front Bottoms album, out now on Bar/None Records.

+ Watch The Front Bottoms' "Looking Like You Just Woke Up" video.

Photo credit: Brian Reilly