Star Spotting: Toni Braxton Masters That Whole 'Who, Me?' Pose

Toni Braxton masters her Dr. Evil 'Who, meee?' pose at an event in L.A.

All you GPOY-ers that spent hours mastering your sultry lip pout in the mirror gone and wasted your time, 'cause Toni Braxton's launching the next sexy pose: the "Who, meee?" But we can't give her all the credit -- see Dr. Evil from "Austin Powers."

The "Hands Tied" singer attended The Hollywood Reporter's Nominees' Night 2012 in L.A. last night, and instead of letting her outfit get all the attention, girl went and added a little extra face to guarantee no one missed her presence. It worked because we can't stop staring at how STUNNING she looks. We're not gonna age drop, but girl's music career has been around since the late '80s, and she's still looking fly as hell.

We just hope her pose catches on so Tyra Banks makes mastering the "Toni" one of her challenges on next season's "America Next Top Model" -- smizing totally needs some updating.

Photo cedit: Getty Images