MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: The Wanted

Get to know MTV's PUSH Artist Of The Week, The Wanted

We've said it before, then we said it again, and now we're gonna say it one more time: Boy bands are back. And we can all thank the U.K.'s The Wanted. Much like the American boy bands of the '90s (*NSYNC, Backstreet Boys), The Wanted didn't come together on their own. They were instead formed in 2009 during a mass audition, and they got to work right away on their first self-titled album. After their debut single "All Time Low" went to No. 1 on British charts in 2010 just months after forming, we (and the rest of the world) figured it was time to start paying attention.

We sat down with MTV's PUSH Artist Of The Week to discuss all the pressing issues that an up-and-coming crossover boy band must face: which American venues they'd love to play, what they think of their American fans and, of course, their real feelings about Justin Bieber, with whom the band shares manager Scooter Braun. "He actually sent us a tweet before saying he's really enjoyed being on tour with us which was really nice 'cause compared to our half-million followers, he's got about 17 and a half million." Friends in high places (or with millions of Twitter followers) are always good friends to have.

The Wanted's most recent single, "Glad You Came," was recently covered on "Glee," which pretty much means these dudes are set for life. Check out their second album, Battleground, out now.

+ Watch The Wanted's live performance of 'Glad You Came' below, and see tons more interviews and videos after the jump.

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