Song Premiere: Eve 6, 'Victoria'

SoCal rockers Eve 6 basically scored my entire high school career. It's like, scientific fact that if you came of age in the '90s you still know every single word to "Inside Out." And if your graduation video montage was set to anything other than "Here's To The Night," then what kind of American teen were you? (And do I even need to mention "Open Road Song," the best part of the modern cinematic classic "Can't Hardly Wait"?) Bottom line: Eve 6 ruled.

Now Eve 6 is back in an attempt to rule again. After disbanding in 2004 and reforming in 2007 with a new lineup, 2011 marked the return of all three original Eve 6 members -- lead vocalist Max Collins, guitarist Jon Siebels, drummer Tony Fagenson -- and "Victoria" is the first single from the band's upcoming album Speak In Code. "Victoria" highlights the best parts of the Eve 6 we know, loved and made out to, while the modern yet '80s-anthem feel makes the track current. Collins sings, "No, I don't believe you went to bed at 10:15/Victoria, you're tearin' me up/You said you'd call, I waited up/I don't know why I even try/I need another tequila."

Listen to Eve 6's "Victoria" after the jump.

About their hiatus Collins said, "The time we spent apart really made us appreciate what we have in each other. It's a chemistry you can't manufacture." Eve 6's new album, Speak In Code, is due out April 24. Check the guys out in Austin in March during SXSW.

+ Listen to Eve 6, "Victoria."