New Song: Far East Movement Featuring Justin Bieber, 'Live My Life'

Justin Bieber sings the hook on Far East Movement's 'Live My Life'

It's not like Far East Movement needs any help reaching the top of the charts -- remember "Like A G6"? But just in case, hooking up with the biggest superstar in the entire world seems like a good move. Far East Movement and Justin Bieber have joined forces on "Live My Life," a feel-good, club-ready anthem that's equally infused with both Far East Movement's unmistakable dance vibe and Justin Bieber's vocal swag. (Read: This is gonna go No. 1 in about 30 seconds.)

Produced by RedOne, in layered vocals Justin sings: "I'm gonna live my life/No matter what, we party tonight/I'm gonna live my life/And know that we gonna be alright." The Far East boys are up next and naturally, they opt to rhyme about their two favorite things -- good parties and good music: "This beat make me go wild/This drink make me fall down/I party hard/Like Carnival.../Yo, that's hella cake.../I got dough/Who's down to bake?" For the record, I make a killer sour cream pound cake, but I have a sneaking suspiscion that "bake" doesn't actually mean create a dessert. Just a hunch.

Listen to Far East Movement's "Live My Life" featuring Justin Bieber after the jump.

If you're wondering how the hell Far East Movement and Justin Bieber even connected, we can all direct a hearty "Thank you!" to Snoop Dogg (I KNOW) who introduced the pair at the Billboard Music Awards last year. In his own words, Far East Movement frontman Kev explains: "We [wanted] to make a song that bridges that gap between the young audience and our audience and the club." Well, consider it bridged, my dude. We are so down with multigenerational club jams.

+ Listen to Far East Movement reaturing Justin Bieber, "Live My Life."