New Video: Gorillaz, James Murphy And Andre 3000, 'DoYaThing'

Gorillaz step up their sneaker game with James Murphy and Andre 3000 on 'DoYaThing.'

Converse's "Three Artists. One Song" project has gathered some cool trios before, but the sneaker line's latest lineup could give a polar bear frostbite. "DoYaThing" brings together the eclectic Gorillaz, former LCD Soundsystem dance-master James Murphy and the one and only Andre 3000 -- and it sounds freaking amazing.

Watch Gorillaz, James Murphy and Andre 3000's "DoYoThing" video after the jump.

The spacey, funky song bumps with a scratchy bass line and cymbal hits crispy enough to package up and sell in the cookie aisle. (If anybody records better drum sounds than James Murphy, we don't wanna know about it.) Gorillaz's Damon Albarn is at his laid-back, weirdo best, but Three Stacks steals the show in the second half with some of the best lines of the year. He opens with "New word: onomatopoeia (boom)/Quit actin' you don't wanna be-ya," before dropping so much knowledge on the haterz: "Talkin' 'bout, oh, he don't rap enough/But y'all rap a lot and I'm like, y'all wrap it up." SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE. We're not quite rap historians, but if anyone's ever dropped "onomatopoeia" in a verse, we're pretty sure LL Cool J would've mentioned it at the Grammys before giving them a lifetime achievement award.

Yesterday's leak of the track closed with a DJ asking for a new OutKast album over the final lines, but now we just want to hear these dudes keep jamming! And, yeah, Andre keep rapping. As hip-hop Ron Swanson might say, give us all the verses and lyrics you have. Download that ish and peep Converse's Gorillaz kicks collection at their site.

+ Watch Gorillaz, James Murphy and Andre 3000's "DoYaThing" video.

Photo credit: Converse