POSTED: Tech N9ne's Live Performance Lessons + Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of 'Am I A Psycho?'

As the shortest month of the year ends, so does celebrating Tech N9ne as's POSTED artist of the month. But in that brief time, we learned so much about the Kansas City rapper like his music influences and his tips on succeeding in the music business. This week, we wrap up our Tech time with peeks at his successful live shows and behind-the-scenes footage from his latest video, "Am I A Psycho?"

Read more about Tech N9ne's live shows and his "Am I A Psycho?" video after the jump.

In the first clip, Tech raps on becoming a successful live performer: "Seeing all those hip-hop shows [as a kid in Missouri] taught me to move the crowd. I was a student. I took stuff from people who were powerful... I paid attention to the old school." Tech then reflects on some of his favorite performance idols  (Flavor Flav, Public Enemy, and Ice Cube) while casually mentioning he plays more than 250 live shows a year. But hey, you cleaned out your basement last year. Equally impressive.

Our next clip offers behind-the-scenes footage from Tech N9ne's "Am I A Psycho?" video and WARNING: It includes some SCARY ish! We catch snippets of the rapper chatting about his B.o.B and Hopsin collabo while hanging in a creepy old house and rocking an ominous hockey mask. Meanwhile, Hopsin films a terrifying scene with a fake chain saw. NBD, just another day at the office.

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+ Watch Tech N9ne discuss his live tours and catch behind-the-scenes action on the set of his "Am I A Psycho?" video.