Madonna's Daughter, Lourdes, Shaved Half Her Head, Is Definitely Cooler Than You (PHOTO)

Lourdes DGAF -- homegirl shaved half of her head.

Can we all agree that shaving half of your hair off is pretty much the ultimate IDGAF statement? Skrillex did it, Cassie did it and now Madonna's daughter, Lourdes, has done it. Not only do we love it, but we're also super jealous -- as much as I'd love to take the plunge myself, there's just something about a half-shaved head that I'm just not ready to commit to at this juncture. But hey, for those of you whose hairstyles will never be a determining factor of your tax bracket, buzz away.

Lourdes was spotted touching down at LAX with Mommy Madonna, and she offered the paps a quick glimpse of her new 'do. Not to toot our own horn or anything, but perhaps this is the result of Lourdes browsing through our Celebrity Skrillex Makeovers Photo Gallery? Maybe she saw how badass Taylor Swift looked with a half-shaved head and thought, "I need that now." Because if a hairstyle can make the sparkle/rainbow/ fairy-tale princess of the universe look even half dangerous, it's gonna do wonders for Madonna's daughter.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News