The Buzz On: Fort Lean

Listen to Brooklyn's latest, Fort Lean.

OK, we know what you're thinking: "Based on this photo alone, Fort Lean is way too cool for me and my friends. I mean, ACID-WASHED JEANS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD." Well, we've said it before and we'll say it again -- don't judge a band by their press pic! (We're just lovingly flirting with you, Fort Lean. You guys look totally dapper chilling with a fake deer and a feral dog that looks a feral wolf.) Jake Aron, Zach Fried, Keenan Mitchell, Will Runge and Sam Ubl -- better known to their fans as Brooklyn rockers Fort Lean -- all met when they attended Wesleyan University (which also bred bands MGMT, Das Racist and Francis & The Lights). The rest, as they say, was history.

Not to sound vague, but there's just something about Fort Lean that guts us. Take "Sunsick," their anthemic new single, as a prime example. Lead vocalist Mitchell's pipes add a kind of gravelly warmth and color to the already melodic and hooky rock song. As a waterfall of synths draws you in, Mitchell's sweeping vocals chant, "Workin' on my posture/Haven't even started/You can pick me apart/'Cause I'm an easy target.../Cleaning my apartment/Keep on fallin' down." I can't. I'm so right there.

Listen to Fort Lean after the jump.

And we're not the only ones gushing over Fort Lean, either. The band recently received rave reviews from The New York TimesTime Out New York and Nylon, which deemed Fort Lean their major "band crush." (Co-sign!!) While trying to compose a cute yet encapsulating closing line for this piece, I realized that Fort Lean actually summarized it best: "Fort Lean is a place where you can still see the skyline but you can’t hear any cars, and you can put all your stolen wine in the stream to keep it cool, and when the fire dies out you can see some stars and not too many airplanes." Well said, bros. And we'll have a glass of that when you get a sec.

+ Listen to Fort Lean and download a free copy of their single "Sunsick."

Photo credit: Kyle Dean Reinford