New Song: J. Cole, ‘Grew Up Fast’

Listen to J. Cole’s soul-inspired latest, “Grew Up Fast.”

I’m almost at 500 Twitter followers (wee!), and when I reach that goal I intend to take myself straight out for a congratulatory steak dinner. J. Cole, on the other hand, recently reached a cool two million followers and decided to give his fans a dope new record to commemorate the milestone.

The Canei Finch-produced “Grew Up Fast” is J. Cole’s gift to his fans, and it samples former Temptations member David Ruffin’s 1969 record “The Double Cross.” “Grew Up Fast” has a super soulful throwback vibe which, based on his rhymes, was clearly Mr. Cole’s intention: “It’s only right I brought back the soul/ Y’all got way too electro, damn near techno.” J. also uses his signature flow to discuss several of his favorite famous peeps (shouts to Miss Cleo!): “And Miss Cleo’s Jamaican/ And Bob Marley is Haitian/ And me and Beyoncé dating.”

Listen to J. Cole’s “Grew Up Fast” after the jump.

So, I don’t wanna start anything here, but isn’t Beyoncé’s hubby Jay-Z J. Cole’s boss over at Roc Nation? Not sure what kinda relationship that whole troupe is working with but usually it’s never a great idea to publicly hit on the bossman’s wife who, by the way, just birthed hip-hop royalty. Just a word to wise, J. Though I’m sure Jigga knows you’re only joshin’, right?

+ Listen to J. Cole’s “Grew Up Fast.” (Language NSFW.)

Photo credit: @JColeNC