Star Spotting: Rihanna's REALLY Pumped About Her Brit Award!

Rihanna took home Best International Female at the 2012 Brit Awards.

Who needs modesty anymore? Not me, not Rihanna and not anyone else our age! (Take that, Greatest Generation!) RiRi accepted her award for Best International Female at the 2012 Brit Awards in London last night, and she did the exact opposite of "graciously accept." But as you can tell by her choice of swimsuits, Rihanna's not exactly the shy type.

Adele was also a big winner at the Brit Awards (obvi) while Bruno Mars scored Best International Male. But Rihanna might be the only one getting that piece of paper framed. And you know what, you gotta love some raw honesty. While we might not always appreciate it (Chris Brown's "Birthday Cake" remix, perhaps?), we can't say Rihanna's ever been anything other than herself. So all we can say is "Get that paper, girl." Literally.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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