Star Spotting: Willow Smith Played Basketball As A Kid, Won Every Game By Out Adorable-ing Everyone

Willow Smith is the cutest little basketball player EVER!

Long before Willow Smith was throwing fireballs, girl was just chillin' out, maxing and relaxing all cool, shooting some b-ball outside of school. Even way back in the day (we're taking four years ago, guys) teeny, tiny Willow was already showing off her gazillions of abilities, including how to successfully work the smize in to a cheesy sports portrait. Share some talent with the rest of us, girl!

The "Whip My Hair" singer posted a "vintage" photo of herself on Twitter looking totes presh in her basketball uniform. She included the caption: "I miss these days." While we completely idolize everything that Willow does, we kind of have a hard time feeling bad for a girl who's recollecting her past before she's even considered a tween. Save that reminiscing about your "what could have beens" for your late 20s -- then get back to us.

Photo credit: @OfficialWillow