Video Premiere: Wale Featuring Big Sean, 'Slight Work'


Wale gets his hustle on.

Wale's new video steps up his street art game, capturing the Maybach Music MC chilling like Banksy in sprayed-over industrial spaces... with booty-shaking dancers. Exit through the hip-hop, y'all. The track's called "Slight Work," but every hustler knows there's no slacking in the rap game: "White America said I'd be doing 25-to-life/Just for that, I'm gonna blow 25 tonight," Big Sean raps in the guest feature. We do that ish every Friday -- you guys are talking about pizza toppings, right? $25 large, all pepperoni everything?

Watch Wale's "Slight Work" video after the jump.

Wale's got plenty of words of his own: "I can do it all, and it ain't no problem," he raps, going hard on bar after bar, no chorus needed. The Diplo-produced beat's all thumping Latin rhythm and cut-up sirens, which coincidentally sound exactly like the noise Yoshi makes in "Super Mario World." More SNES sound effects, Diplo! (When you're not busy making electro mega-jams for Usher, that is.)

What's slight work to Wale would wear many MCs out, but he's not taking time to rest up -- with sophomore album Ambition out last November, he's already announced work on his next full-length as well as a video for Ambition's title track set to drop soon. Hope dude's taking some naps! Work it with Wale below.

+ Watch Wale's 'Slight Work' video.