Willow Smith Hangs With Tyler, The Creator? She's Even Cooler Than We Thought (PHOTO)

Tyler, The Creator and Willow Smith outside the Odd Future store in Los Angeles

So like, at what point do I start to feel super lame that 11-year-old Willow Smith is balling out with Tyler, The Creator, and I'm 26 years old and definitely not doing that? (Tyler, call me!) Yesterday on Instagram Willow Smith posted, oh, you know, just a pic of her hanging with Odd Future member (and complete badass) Tyler, The Creator, and her cool meter actually broke in half. She wrote, "Life is complete....Love Of My Life."

Now, we're all for mini-romances and everything, but we'd prefer if Willow and Tyler kept the vibe more bro/sis. First of all, Tyler is like, nine years older than Willow. Secondly, while we love Tyler's music, he may not be the best influence on an 11-year-old. Have you guys seen his Twitter feed?!

But Willow and Tyler are probably just close friends, and we support that in full. Eventually Tyler can do things like run full background checks on all of Willow's future boyfriends and then report back to Will Smith. And we're pretty sure you don't want to be on Tyler's or Will's s*** list.

Photo credit: Willow Smith