New Video: Chris Brown, 'Turn Up The Music'

You know that special time when you've had a little too much wine sparkling grape juice and your cab driver's head suddenly looks like it's the head of a giant animal? Yeah, well that's happening to Chris Brown times like, 100 in his new video for "Turn Up the Music," which is also his directorial debut. Whatever your personal opinions are on Chris Brown, you can't deny that the dude consistently puts out records that are catchy as hell. "Turn Up The Music" is about as club-ready as a song can get, and the video is prime for repeat viewings, too.

After getting into a magical cab, Chris' driver turns into a horse and calls his other friends from the animal kingdom to get outta bed and dance in the street. After Chris realizes these are friendly animals (who are also professional dancers), he joins in the fun and breaks out into his most badass dance moves in the middle of the sidewalk.

Watch Chris Brown's "Turn Up The Music" video after the jump.

The consummate party animal, Chris finds his way to the hottest club in town filled with masked creatures. Chris pauses so he can complete a quick, shirtless dance breakdown (obvs) but not before he finds himself dancing alone in a rainy warehouse. And yes, in case you weren't sure, Chris Brown can make it rain indoors.

+ Watch Chris Brown's "Turn Up The Music" video.