The Hood Internet Mash Up Whitney Houston And Chromeo, Win Over All Of America

If the death of Whitney Houston has brought us anything positive, it's a chance for us to reflect upon her great music moments and a time to leave her controversy behind. Seeing that pretty much all of Whitney's tracks are as viable today as they were the day they were released, DJs are using this time of mourning to pay homage to the iconic singer via their own craft -- the mashup.

DJs The Hood Internet took an old-school Whitney fave and blended it with an appropriate modern day pal -- Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" and Chromeo's "When The Night Falls." I KNOW, guys. I KNOW. Whitney's voice carries most of the song while Chromeo's instrumentals score the track, and the result is basically perfection.

First of all, why didn't this happen sooner? Second, how effing tremendous are Whitney's vocals?

+ Listen to The Hood Internet's "When The Night Knows (Whitney Houston x Chromeo)" after the jump.

Photo credit: Arista/Angela Boatwright