Video Premiere: Rise Against, 'The Ballad of Hollis Brown'

Chicago punks Rise Against are rocking for a good cause

Before he was writing lyrics about Alicia Keys and showing up in Victoria's Secret commercials, Bob Dylan was the ultimate protest singer -- so it's good to hear Rise Against apply their punk fury up to the legendary songwriter's "The Ballad of Hollis Brown." Their new video for the cover is the latest from Amnesty International's Dylan tribute, Chimes of Freedom, which includes everyone from Miley Cyrus and Adele to Ziggy Marley and My Morning Jacket. (In case you don't already know, Miley killed it. Respect.) It's for a good cause, so don't BitTorrent that ish!

Watch Rise Against's "The Ballad Of Hollis Brown" video after the jump.

It's not the first time we've seen the Chicago band help out a cause (the good-hearted group has also done work with the It Gets Better Project), but Rise Against's somber documentary-style video will still make you want to run immediately to the nearest volunteer center. Between blistering performance footage, it offers a laundry list of scary stats about American poverty and the struggles of agricultural workers set against images and quotes from real people trying to make an honest living.

It's a subject worth getting angry about -- luckily, enough adorbs farm animals keep you from throwing your laptop out the window. Deep breath! Be grateful, y'all. Then go ahead and rock out: The band goes H.A.M. on this one. It's the first new music we've heard from Rise Above since January 2011's Endgame, but we're already itching for more. Not to mention more Dylan covers, which Amnesty International's got covered: The four-disc (!) Chimes of Freedom is out now. Treat yo self.

+ Watch Rise Against's "The Ballad Of Hollis Brown" video.