Video Premiere: Yuna, 'Live Your Life'

The latest from Yuna's not a T.I./Rihanna cover (sad face!), but it's the next best thing: a soft-spoken, sophisticated track perfect for wandering downtown or lounging at some brand-new boutique hotel. The "Live Your Life" video finds the Malaysian singer apparently doing both, staring out a skyscraper window in beautiful soft focus and smiling her way through sun-kissed city streets before taking an intimate stage. Girl is classy.

Watch Yuna's "Live Your Life" video after the jump.

The song's as pretty as the footage: Its lively, bongo-driven rhythm section is balanced by a backward string sample and Yuna's calm, breathy vocals. It sounds sort of like Dido, if she was really into guided meditation. (We totally did yoga this week!) More positivity-minded than Yuna's mystery-boyfriend track "Someone Out of Town," "Live Your Life" is about doing just that: "Find your life, don't hide from what you are," she sings in a scene right out of the next J. Crew catalog.

Pretty easy to say when the life you're not hiding from is making rad songs and looking cute, but hey, we'll take her advice. One more thing not to hide from: this video, duh. Live it up with Yuna below.

+ Watch Yuna's "Live Your Life" video.