New Video: The Pretty Reckless,'You'

Watch The Pretty Reckless' new video, 'You.'

Taylor Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless aren't exactly known for singing poignant love songs, but there's a first time for everything! Taylor's new song is called "You," and it's a sweet, beautiful and whimsical love lullaby -- a complete departure from the band's hard-core (sometimes angry) rock music.

Led by a simple acoustic guitar melody and string section, Taylor sweetly croons about love and proves she's got a serious set of pipes. (We wonder where the hell she stashed the badass rock vocals!) "You don't want me, no/You don't need me/Like I want you, oh/Like I need you/And I want you in my life/And I need you in my life."

Watch The Pretty Reckless' "You" video after the jump.

In the video, a melancholy Taylor sits in a warehouse and pines for her lost love. She sullenly strums her guitar, watches a few old movies of her and her ex hooking up (no, really), and makes the plain tank and men's undies she's rocking look like straight-up couture. (She is real pretty, guys.) But no Taylor Momsen video would be complete without her signature raccoon-inspired eye makeup. Sure, she's all sad and alone, but Taylor clearly knows that it really helps to not look like total crap when you're down in the dumps -- a girl after my own heart.

+ Watch The Pretty Reckless' "You" video.

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