POSTED: Tech N9ne Shares Success Tips On Being An Indie Artist, Running A Record Label

Last week, things got personal when we toured MTV POSTED artist of the month Tech N9ne's hometown of Kansas City, MO. This week, Tech turns teacher and offers wisdom on how to be a successful independent recording artist while showing us what it takes to run your own label. Take notes, guys -- the man's a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about making it in the music biz.

Learn more about Tech N9ne's business savvy and watch video interviews after the jump.

In the first clip, Tech N9ne shares his advice on how to succeed as an independent artist like he did under his own Strange Music label: "Have thick skin, have hustle. [You] have to get out there and make your fans." We even learn the Strange Music motto: "Gotta be ready to get up and go." Tech also discusses some differences between indie and major labels (money), but admits his real passion is to have full control over his sound.

Our next video has Tech chatting about all the hats he wears while working behind-the-scenes at his own label. The guy keeps busy acting as A&R (talent scout), but he also deals with a TON of grunt work, like answering a gazillion emails a day. Basically, Tech N9ne has a 9 to 5 like the rest of us -- except he's also a famous rapper.

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+ Watch Tech N9ne discuss independent record labels and offer music business advice.