New Video: Meital Dohan, 'Yummy'

You may recognize Meital Dohan's mug from her recurring role on "Weeds," but did you know the Israeli native is a bona fide triple threat? She's also a comedian and a singer. And she's pretty. Why do some people get all the gifts?

Meital's new video "Yummy" is actually a follow-up video to her viral smash "Yummy Boyz," which has already garnered more than a million hits on YouTube. And she's got some famous pals, too -- "Yummy" was produced by LMFAO brainchild Rami Afuni. Does she have some kind of cheat code we're not aware of?

Watch Meital Dohan's "Yummy" video after the jump.

In the video for "Yummy," Meital is basically naked (with the important parts blurred out) as she runs errands throughout the day. Meital goes about her day and picks up her morning coffee but not before punching out some dude waiting in line with her. Still in no clothing, Meital takes a quick run for some exercise, waxes her upper lip (TMI?) and punches out a barber. She's a fighter... literally. It's only by the time she reaches the boxing ring for a quick match that Meital has popped on a sparkly red bra.

Truthfully, we have no clue why Meital's naked in this video, but props to her for sticking to her vision. I guess if my bod was that hot I'd do my a.m. coffee run in the nude, too.

Meital's debut album, I'm In Hate With Love, is slated for a summer 2012 release.

+ Watch Meital Dohan's "Yummy" video.