Lil Wayne Is NOT Engaged To His Girlfriend Dhea, But Thanks For Confusing Us

This dapper dude is still single, ladies.

Honestly, thank goodness for Twitter. I know, I say this all the time. But how the hell else are we gonna find out about CRUCIAL WORLD NEWS? Case in point: Lil Wayne's engagement rumors! Weezy basically caused a Twitterpocalypse when he tweeted something mysterious early this morning: "She said yes!"

So then everyone was all, "OMG WEEZY'S ENGAGED" and bottles were popped, and threatening letters from female fans to his girlfriend Dhea were already stamped and ready to go. But Lil Wayne just cleared up the whole scenario: "I meant 'she said yes' to being my valentine!!!"

So all is right again with the world, and Lil Wayne is not engaged. Jeez, I wish my tweets were this popular. How many followers do you need for people to start actually sending you at replies? Still waiting to make that milestone.

Photo credit: Getty Images