New Video: Jake Miller, 'What I Wouldn't Give'

Rap up-and-comer Jake Miller

Jake Miller's about to blow up, y'all, so don't forget you heard about him here first! Well, actually, you may have heard about the 19-year-old rapper and singer-songwriter from Weston, Florida, on the internet where his YouTube videos have won him thousands upon thousands of fans. Rumor has it Jake's even got a pretty devoted fan club made up of females who profess their love for him on the daily. Dude's not even 20 yet, and he's got a gaggle of groupies. Ridiculous.

Due to the immense success of his YouTube videos, Jake caught the attention of Jason Derulo's manager (nice of him to share). Also, Jake's very first solo performance was, you know, opening for Snoop Dogg (NBD!!), and he's shared the stage with Flo Rida, Mac Miller and Asher Roth. Rolodex is STACKED.

Jake just released a brand-new video and we're mildly obsessed, to say the least. "What I Wouldn't Give" is a mix between pop and rap, but mainly it's just a heavy, heavy dose of bad-assery. Produced by The Fliptones (Jason Derulo's "Don't Wanna Go Home") the track is set to an infectious beat, which serves as the perfect backdrop for Miller to spit his blazing rhymes. And we're not using the term "blazing" lightly -- Jake's rap flow is serious, and we haven't even discussed his vocals yet.

Watch Jake Miller's "What I Wouldn't Give" after the jump.

Unsurprisingly, Jake's also got a killer set of pipes. He slays the hook and sounds like a mix between Travie McCoy and Nick Carter (in the absolute best way possible): "Feeling good now/You'll never break me/Maybe I'm dreaming/If I am, don't wake me." We won't dude, but you should get your ass outta bed soon 'cause your life is about to get preeeeeetty dope.

+ Watch Jake Miller's "What I Wouldn't Give" video, featuring Jeremy Thurber.

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