New Song: Usher Featuring Diplo, 'Climax'

Usher collaborated with Diplo on 'Climax''

Releasing a song called "Climax" around Valentine's Day? Brilliant, brilliant PR move, Usher. Produced by the ever-versatile Diplo, "Climax" is a slow, sensual electro-pop song that's got the DJ's name written all over it.

Aside from this being just about the hippest R&B-tinged love song I've ever heard, the record is primed for getting just about anybody in the sack. (Sorry, had to be blunt.) The song speaks of a romantic evening with a girl Usher's been fighting with, and yes, the double entendre you're thinking of is also in there, too. ('Cause you and I both know that whenever Usher says the word "climax" he's probably referring to some fun, bedtime-themed extracurricular activities.) Ursher croons in his buttery falsetto: "Don't wanna give in/So we both gave up/Can't take it back/It's too late, we reached the climax."

Listen to Usher's new song "Climax" after the jump.

About "Climax," Diplo says, "It's some next level electro-soul. Seriously the best record I've been part of. Really proud of it." We kind of have to agree! While this song may not be Usher's next radio-ready hit, it does prove that he's still a total boss when it comes to the vocal game. And that Diplo's a production genius. Fine work, gentleman.

+ Listen to Usher featuring Diplo, "Climax."

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