Video Premiere: Taylor Berrett, 'Whole Heart'

It's not often that a singer-songwriter who's still growing his fan base can keep new viewers engaged during a simple performance video. But Taylor Berrett's new video "Whole Heart" could literally be four minutes of paint drying and we'd still watch it with our eyes peeled.

Taylor's love story plays out in an empty theater. He sings his touching song onstage solo with just a piano, and his vocals are so heartfelt that you can't help but get sucked in. Berrett's piano melodies bring Ben Folds to mind while his gentle, raspy voice reminds us of The Fray's Isaac Slade. In other words, you're probably gonna cry when you listen: "I know I'm failing but I'm trying hard/I swear I'll be there when the tears start/Before the sky comes falling and the seas part/I'm gonna learn to love you with my whole heart."

Taylor Barrett recently signed with SRP, the production company behind some of Rihanna's biggest hits. Makes sense, considering Taylor and Vita Chambers scored a slam dunk on their cover of Drake and Rihanna's "Take Care." Berrett's five-song EP, Anchor Chasing, is out now on iTunes.

+ Watch Taylor Berrett's "Whole Heart" video.