Video Premiere: Kaskade Featuring Skylar Grey, 'Room For Happiness'

Even goths gotta dance sometimes. With a little help from raven-haired singer Skylar Grey, Kaskade's latest electro banger shines a light on depression: "Don't be fooled by your emptiness/There's so much more room for happiness," Skylar sings in the "Room For Happiness" video. The public service announcement's delivered from a bleak bed in a prison cell -- and you thought you had a terrible Valentine's Day.

Watch Kaskade featuring Skylar Grey's "Room For Happiness" video after the jump.

Grey doesn't stay there for long, imagining herself in a winter wonderland, encircled by a ring of fire, and under a blazing sun. With a Lykke Li wardrobe, no less! It's like "Sucker Punch" with glow sticks. (And not, uh, kinda bad! No offense, V-Hudge.) Kaskade spends the video leading a rave and watching Grey from a security camera, one of which is kinda creepy. Less creepy: He's totally using Beats by Dre! We'd buy a pair, but we're still holding out for Wubs by Skrillex.

It's Grey -- who also penned that elephant-size hook on "Love the Way You Lie," by the way -- who wrote "Room For Happiness," though Kaskade supplies the frosty synths. The track's tense chord progression nods toward Radiohead's "Everything In It's Right Place," though we bet Thom Yorke never imagined the Kid A track bumping with four-on-the-floor drums. Both tracks cruise at about 125 bpm -- coincidence or mutual genius? We're not complaining either way.

"Room For Happiness" out now on Ultra Records. Pick it up here.

+ Watch Kaskade featuring Skylar Grey's "Room For Happiness" video.