New Song: Christina Milian, 'Mr. Valentine'

UPDATE 2/15/2012: The track is actually a demo, and the single will be coming soon.

Christina Milian's got a brand-new song to go along with her brand-new record deal. Christina recently announced the news that she would be joining Lil Wayne's star-packed Young Money roster, and today we bring you her new record, "Mr. Valentine." Convenient timing.

"Mr. Valentine" is a sultry, reggae-infused R&B jam that speaks of a superhot hookup that's about to go down between Christina and a sexy mystery man: "Basement, lights down/Feels like we're in Kingston/The heat is melting off my dress, yea/Sneaking kisses all up on my collar bone.../Ya, ya, ya, Mr. Valentine." Really wish my Valentine' Day eve was gonna play out like that...

Hear Christina Milian's "Mr. Valentine" after the jump.

No word yet on whether the song will be included on Christina's much-delayed fourth album, but we're definitely digging the tune and think she should run with it. Is "Mr. Valentine" a hit? Maybe not, but it's definitely a strong album cut and a great start to what is hopefully a killer comeback moment for Milian. Oh, and nice work releasing the record on Valentines Day, girlfriend. We have a feeling your new song will soundtrack a few hot hookups tonight/might be actually responsible for a 1 percent increase in the world's population. TMI? Sorry!

+ Listen to Christina Milian's "Mr. Valentine."