Lana Del Rey Talks About Her Boyfriend (VIDEO)

Lana Del Rey's boyfriend has a tough gig today (Valentine's Day, duh). When your girlfriend's self-made YouTube videos became popular enough to land her both a record deal and a guest appearance on "Saturday Night Live," chances are your 1-800-FLOWERS order is going to seem a little... meh.

Yes, Lana has a boyfriend (sorry, every other dude on earth), and she shared a little about him when she stopped by MTV. She also let us in on her babysitting gig, how she hates World Of Warcraft, and the books she's currently rereading -- she's like a real girl! But given that Lana's a pretty private person, she didn't tell us too much about her main dude. All we really discover is that he's "really nice" and "in music, but not a musician." I'm not a psychic or anything, but I'm pretty sure that means she's talking about "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson. (Kidding. Hold the barrage of tweets, please.)

Watch Lana Del Rey discuss her love life after the jump.

Whoever Lana Del Rey's boyfriend might be, we just hope he cools it on his video games session today. Watching her BF play a solitary game for hours on end makes Lana pretty sad.

+ Watch Lana Del Rey discuss her love life.

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