ZOMG! 'Hunger Games' Soundtrack Track List Finally Unveiled!

Taylor Swift, Kid Cudi and Miranda Lambert are featured on the 'Hunger Games' soundtrack.

Judge me, don't judge me, I could care less -- I'm a grown-ass woman, and I'm proud to say that I love me some Katniss Everdeen! In fact, when I'm presented with problems throughout the day I generally ask myself, "What would Katniss do?" -- WWKD. You should try it, it's really fun.

Though "Hunger Games" fans have to wait until March 23 for the movie's release (pure torture!), the "Hunger Games" gods (Gamemakers?) have thrown a tiny morsel of joy our way and unveiled the star-packed track list and cover art for the Hunger Games soundtrack! And just last night we brought you the stunning "Safe & Sound" video, Taylor Swift's and folk-pop duo The Civil Wars' contribution to the Hunger Games soundtrack. ALL "HUNGER GAMES" EVERYTHING.

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Produced by Grammy-winning producer T Bone Burnett, the track list boasts a bevy of unreleased tunes not only from Taylor Swift, but Ella Mae Bowen, Arcade Fire, Miranda Lambert, Pistol Annies, and Kid Cudi, to name a few. What, Katniss doesn't strike you as a hip-hop fan? She is versatile! Plus, how can she be a badass (but also kind, merciful and humane) killer if she's listening to sad, sappy songs all the time?

+ Check out the entire Hunger Games soundtrack track list, and watch Taylor Swift's "Safe & Sound" video below.

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