Star Spotting: Joe Jonas Is Hip At New York Fashion Week

Joe Jonas at New York Fashion Week

Joe Jonas is at New York Fashion Week, and he's making that fact loud and clear. Joe took to Twitter to keep his fans updated (but not TOO updated) on his whereabouts during one of NYC's most exciting weeks, and he tweeted this photo along with the simple caption, "New York Fashion Week.." While that's not a full ellipsis (we'll let it slide this time), we definitely sense an air of mystery behind that tweet. Do those dots mean "New York Fashion Week... check out my outfit" or "New York Fashion Week... let's go get in trouble"? Something tells us he's leaning toward the latter.

Also, are we the only ones thinking Joe looks like he's straight out of MGMT here? Or maybe Crystal Castles? Maybe it's time Joe heads in the electro-pop direction, huh, guys? He's already got the scarf ready. (That's a hipster reference!)

Photo credit: @joejonas