Watch A Day To Remember's 'Buzzworthy Live' Acoustic Performance Of 'It's Complicated'

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Well, actually I'm kind of obligated in a generic, culturally hegemonic way to tell you "Happy Valentine's Day," but what if it's actually NOT a happy day at all? Life imitates Facebook, my friends, and it just might happen that you're currently in a "It's Complicated" relationship status both on Facebook and IRL?

That's why we had our friends in A Day To Remember -- you may remember they were voted Buzzworthy's Fan-Favorite Breakthrough Band of 2011, because they're kind of a big deal -- come in and perform a "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic version of their single "It's Complicated" off of their What Separates Me From You album. Because your Valentine's Day may happen to be not so happy at all.

Watch A Day To Remember's "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic performance of "It's Complicated" after the jump!

The performance, filmed live here at MTV in New York earlier this month, was the first time A Day To Remember has ever performed the song acoustically. Gone are the roiling, arena-ready chants that stomp all over the past. In its place is a quietly reflective, ruminative revamp that feels like the reopening wounds that have barely closed. It's February at its coldest, and it sounds like an unresolved story that's more complicated that ever.

+ Watch A Day To Remember's "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic performance of "It's Complicated."