Video Premiere: Jack White, ‘Love Interruption’

Watch Jack White’s ’Love Interruption’ video.

His new song may be titled “Love Interruption,” but as usual, nothing gets in Jack White’s way. The former White Stripes frontman is in fine form on his latest solo single, trading in his usual electric guitar and thunderous drums for a softer, rootsier style. The track sounds like a live recording: He strums an acoustic guitar and sings in harmony with a female bassist as a keyboardist and woodwind player offer occasional accents. No Pro Tools, no knob-twisting — just music.

Watch Jack White’s “Love Interruption” video after the jump.

It’s a passionate performance with a rebellious chorus — “I won’t let love disrupt, corrupt or interrupt me” — but White shows his black humor on the verses, which drop knowledge about wanting love to “murder my own mother” and “put my face into the ground.” Ouch. We want love to send Mom a birthday present and maybe take her out to lunch next week, if it’s not too busy. (We’ll call soon, promise!)

The video’s as straightforward as the music, catching White’s three-piece band singing into vintage microphones through silky lens vignetting. Besides Jack sharing the mic with Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Ruby Amanfu, the only surprising touch is an adorable dog, who gets a quick cuddle sesh from the axe man in the opening shot. Jack White: animal lover!

Jack White’s solo debut, Blunderbuss, is due in April on Third Man Records/Columbia on April 24.

+ Watch Jack White’s “Love Interruption” video.