The Buzz On: FIDLAR

Listen to FIDLAR, L.A.'s newest catchy punks.

FIDLAR's name stands for "F*** It Dog Life's a Risk" -- a ballsy mission statement from the L.A. garage band. That's not to say the group takes itself seriously: Its Bandcamp page genre tags include "drunk" and "El Pollo Loco." (Despite the best taco trucks in America next door, the band's got a thing for Mexican chain restaurants.)

On "Wake Bake Skate," the group bemoans the life of an L.A. skater: "I don't have a job and I don't have a phone/I don't have a life and I'm always stoned." The band's four-track DIYDUI EP is full of characters with, uh, chemically inclined hobbies, with "Max Can't Surf" tackling a would-be board rider who eats Del Taco and sleeps in when he should be out catching waves.

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But one wouldn't mistake the band for one of its slacker subjects, not when they play this fast. The tracks sizzle with the aggression and bargain-price fidelity of the SoCal punk tradition, though FIDLAR's catchy hooks have more in common with Social Distortion and Wavves than Black Flag. The group made a splash at last fall's influential CMJ festival and have scored hometown buzz, with DIYDUI topping LA Weekly's list of 2011 local punk albums.

FIDLAR's hard at work on a new record. In the meantime, DIYDUI is too short and rad to get sick of -- we're gonna have to listen to it another 100 times just to make sure.

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Photo credit: Alice Baxley/Ryan Baxley