New Song: Nicki Minaj, 'Young Forever'

Nicki Minaj Performing 'Roman Holiday' at the 2012 Grammy Awards

In between dressing up in head-to-toe religious garb and dominating her Grammy performance, a new Nicki Minaj song has surfaced, "Young Forever." While the song's origins are unclear, it's rumored to have been produced by the famed Dr. Luke and is slated to appear on Nicki's forthcoming Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded release.

Truthfully, we don't even care if "Young Forever" is a B-side demo from 2008 because it is full-on bangin'! (Read: I already added it to my gym mix.) Led by a sweet piano melody, the synth-heavy, sugary-sweet pop record is a vocal-fest for Nicki who does not rap (even once!) throughout the entire record. She also gets pretty emo as she sings of a love she wishes she could freeze in time (Drake?!): "Look in my eyes/So that I always will remember/ Frozen in time/ Always be mine/Baby boy, you’ll be young forever/I'll be over here/You'll be over there/I'ma shed a tear."

+ Hear Nicki Minaj's "Young Forever" after the jump!

We're not trying to start anything here, but both "Young Forever" and "Marilyn Monroe," another unreleased Nicki track, have shown the softer side of the typically loud and badass rapper. Maybe Nicki's about to change her game and get a little Katy Perry "The One That Got Away" on our asses, which we wouldn't be mad at one bit. Even rappers need to cry sometimes! (Blinged-out tears though, obvs.)

+ Listen to Nicki Minaj's "Young Forever."

Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images