PHOTOS: The Most Awesome Photos From The 2012 Grammys!

Adele finally "had it all"! The "Rolling In The Deep" singer cemented her place in music history by walking home with six awards at the 2012 Grammys! And doesn't she just look right at home accepting all those awards? We think so. We also think you need to check out the rest of our favorite photos from the most memorable moments of the night in our MOST AWESOME 2012 GRAMMY PHOTOS!

We hadn't seen Rihanna and Katy Perry hanging out much as of late, but it looks like the two singers/BFFs just needed a good, old-fashioned award show to bring them together again. RiRi and Katy got pretty close while they were seated in the audience, and we don't think there's a dude in America who's mad at this photo.

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We don't think you could seat more opposite people next to each other if you tried. Lady Gaga got cozy with country singer Miranda Lambert and her husband, fellow country singer Blake Shelton, and we're impressed that Gaga's full-body netting isn't making anyone in this photo uncomfortable. Also, please note Lady Gaga's scepter. LADY GAGA HAS A SCEPTER.

From her wild red carpet arrival WITH A MAN DRESSED LIKE THE POPE to her equally frantic performance of "Roman Holiday," Nicki Minaj was going for one thing at the 2012 Grammys -- shock factor. Pro tip: start your song with church confession scene. Mission accomplished.

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Photo credit all images: Getty Images