Katy Perry Set An Ice Sculpture On Fire At The Grammys (PHOTO)

Katy Perry performing 'Part Of Me' during the Grammys

We actually missed this because we were too busy writing down every word to her new song "Part Of Me" so we can sing it in the shower as soon as humanly possible, but did you guys see Katy Perry LIGHT A MAN MADE OF ICE ON FIRE during her Grammys performance?! Here's a photo of it if you missed it like we did. You're welcome!

First of all, hey themes! Fire and ice -- a classic struggle between opposing forces -- so who you talkin' about, Katy? Second, that's like, one of the most badass things we've seen in a minute. Katy's Jetsons-inspired outfit was enough excitement for us, but the fact that she melted an entire man made of ice into a puddle of water? That's some praying mantis ish. And we loved it.

+ Watch Katy Perry's "Part Of Me" Grammy performance:

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Photo credit: Getty Images