MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: Gotye

You've definitely seen Belgian-Australian musician Gotye's (pronounced "GO-tee-yay") "Somebody That I Used To Know" music video by now. If not, you either do not have an internet connection or you haven't been born yet. The viral hit has garnered more than 67 million views on YouTube (!!!), introduced the world to fellow musician-we-were-accidentally-sleeping-on Kimbra and gave a whole new meaning to the words "paint by number."

But Gotye's not only about one music video. The experimental singer-songwriter has been performing music since his teens and releasing albums for the past 10 years. He's won five ARIA Music Awards and was recently nominated for a 2011 MTV EMA for Best Asia and Pacific Act. As this week's MTV PUSH artist, check out exclusive performances and interviews to see what else Gotye's been up to besides winning the arts and crafts game. (No seriously, we have the video to prove it below.)

Gotye's known for his unique sampling of multiple acoustic instruments in his songs, and we asked him about which instrument he couldn't live without: "I like to think I play the studio as my main instrument... But I guess [if I had to pick] it would be drums. The drum kit was my first instrument... But rhythm only is not very satisfying for me after a while, so if you took my studio away, I'd be lost." Multitalented and diplomatic. Gotye for President 2012?

Check out Gotye's latest album Making Mirrors, out now.

+ Watch more from Gotye below and after the jump including a live performance of "State Of The Art" and a pretty adorable craft project he made just for us.

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+ Gotye, "Somebody That I Used To Know"

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