Star Spotting: It's A Rihanna And Drake Sandwich On The Set Of Their 'Take Care' Video!

"Take Care" video director Yoann Lemoine shares a photo with Rihanna and Drake.

Take a second to imagine that one of your job perks entails being in a Rihanna and Drake GPOY sandwich. And imagine if you were getting a big ol' kiss from RiRi in the SAME PICTURE?! For director Yoann Lemoine (A.K.A. Wood Kid), that's real life -- must be tough. Dude snapped a photo of his star sandwich and tweeted it along with the caption, "Almost looks like @drake is photobombing my picture with @rihanna Love you guys." BTW, how do famous people look so good in self-portrait phone pics?

Not only did Yoann direct the singer and rapper duo in the upcoming music video "Take Care," but he also got to touch them. Like, IRL. He got a TwitPic with TWO GRAMMY NOMINEES (at the same time) AND he has really cool glasses?! BRB, starting my music video directing career.

Photo credit: @woodkid