Adele Preps For The Grammys, Sings 'Rolling In The Deep' A Cappella For Anderson Cooper (VIDEO)

Adele's voice is ready for the Grammys.

If you've been losing sleep over Adele's recent throat surgery and worrying about if she'll succeed during her upcoming performance at this weekend's Grammys, the results are in: Girl's STILL GOT IT. She proves it during a recent a cappella rendition of "Rolling In The Deep" during her "60 Minutes" sit-down with Anderson Cooper. Private Adele mini-concert feet from your face? We hate you, A.Coop!

+ Watch Adele's a cappella rendition of "Rolling In The Deep" after the jump.

In a preview of Adele's upcoming interview with Anderson Cooper for "60 Minutes," Anderson reflects on his exclusive chat with the 21 singer after her throat surgery. The clip cuts to the interview where he asks Adele to sing one of his (and the rest of the world's) favorite songs, "Rolling In The Deep." Adele looks at him like it's NBD (duh) and belts out a FLAWLESS a cappella version of the hit. We're not sure what we love more: that we share the same work-out playlist as Anderson Cooper (he admits to running to the song every morning) or that Adele's surgery hasn't seemed to effect her one bit -- actually, it's the latter. Duh!

Adele's going to have no problems performing at the Grammy's this weekend, but is she going to have the strength to carry the all the Grammys she'll (probably) win? That's a whole different thing to worry about.

+ Watch Adele's a cappella rendition of "Rolling In The Deep" for "60 Minutes."

Photo credit: Getty Images