Chairlift And Das Racist Cover Beyonce's 'Party,' It's As Awesome As You Expect

Here's a pairing we never thought we'd see: Chairlift joining forces with Das Racist verse-dropper Kool A.D. for a totally unironic/totally awesome Beyoncé "Party" cover. (Turns out Charlift's Patrick Wimberly worked on Das Racist's Relax. Only in Brooklyn.) The dynamic duo busted out the song in the studio for Australia's Triple J Radio, with Chairlift's Caroline Polachek crushing the vocals, playing keyboard and rocking some nerdy dance moves. No pressure, Bey.

In a clever nod, the band opens with the beat of Kanye West and Jay-Z's "Paris" rather than dropping in Yeezy's "Swagu" line. The rest's a faithful rendition, until the Andre 3000/J. Cole section: Kool A.D. wrote new verses for the cover, rapping from a sheet of paper and trying not to giggle as he made his way through couplets like "I'm Drake vs. Common/who cares?", referring to the rappers' recent beef. Also: "I'm Lenny Kravitz/I'm Lenny Kravitz/I'm Lenny Kravitz." Whatever you say, dude.

+ Hear Chairlift and Das Racist's cover of Beyoncé's "Party" after the jump.

One more chorus, and it's over already. Guys, wait! Do "Love On Top" next! It's too bad these crazy kids already have new albums (Chairlift's Something dropped last month) or they'd have a serious future as a Beyoncé tribute band. Not that B doesn't have it covered x 1,000. But just in case!

+ Watch Chairlift and Das Racist cover Beyoncé's "Party."