Star Spotting: How Is Hilary Duff Still Pregnant?!

Hilary Duff: VERY pregnant

We're pretty sure sainthood or knighthood has to be an option for Hilary Duff at this point. The fact that she's not only mobile but FASHIONABLE and SMILING while approximately a gazillion weeks pregnant deserves some kind of certified recognition. The "Play With Fire" singer was spotted heading to a doctor's appointment in Beverly Hills recently, and she was actually displaying what looks like real joy on her face. How someone could be genuinely happy when an 8-pound-something-ounce being is sucking all of the energy from their soul growing inside of them is beyond my comprehension. Then again, I killed a snake plant, and they're literally the easiest plants to own.

Besides how impressed we are with Hilary's demeanor during this whole knocked-up scenario she has going on, we also need to mention how happy we are for her and her hubby, Mike Comrie. Like, yes, a new life, a baby, yay! But also, you just handed that kid a set of prime genes, guys. I'm talking Grade A, organic, locally grown, Oprah's Best Life genes. Great parenting already, and the kid's not even born yet.

Photo credit: Splash News