New Video: Flo Rida Featuring Sia, 'Wild Ones'

Watch Flo Rida featuring Sia's new video, 'Wild Ones.'

Flo Rida is basically the king of American pop, but who knew he was such a badass in Dubai? Flo's new video, "Wild Ones," was shot in the desert oasis, and it features stunning vocals by U.K. songstress Sia on the hook. The song itself is a club-ready banger, sporting Flo Rida's signature quick rhymes and a straight-to-the-point chorus: "Hey, I heard you were a wild one/Oooh, if I took you home/It'd be a home run/Show me how you'll do." Hey, at least Sia knows what she wants.

Sia herself isn't in the video, but Flo Rida and his entourage make up for it in full -- Flo and his pals get their skydive on (no literally, they're jumping out of planes!), and they party it up in the mini helicopter beforehand. 'Cause celebrities aren't normal and don't get frightened in tiny propeller planes, obvs.

+ Watch Flo Rida featuring Sia's "Wild Ones" video after the jump.

After their skydiving expedition, Flo fist pumps his way through the sights of Dubai taking in the scenery and chilling out with the locals. But when night falls it's back to business: Time to hit the club. Flo and his peeps chug champagne, take shots and grind all up on the hot local girls. Basically, it's the best vacation you've never taken. Leave it to Flo to make us long for a 12-hour flight.

+ Watch Flo Rida featuring Sia in their "Wild Ones" video.

Photo credit: Getty Images