Lindsay Lohan, Are You OK? (PHOTO)

Lindsay Lohan at the Annual amfAR Gala in NYC

Lindsay Lohan, do we need to talk? Before the hate mail pours in, we are not throwin' shade -- but we literally did not even recognize Lindsay here, photographed last night at the Annual amfAR Gala in NYC. Don't get us wrong -- that dress is on point. It's hard as hell to wear white, not only in life but in public and in front of cameras. But then when you scan up and get to the face and the hair, it's kind of like... "Who is this person and what did you do with Lindsay Lohan?"

We know Linds has had quite the set of ups and downs to deal with over the past few years, and like everyone else who knows every last word to "Mean Girls," we're pulling for her. We think maybe Lindsay just needs to turn off her phone for a day or two, schedule a deep tissue massage, and spend a night in with a jar of salsa and the Lifetime Movie Network. Boom, rejuvenated in 24 hours.

Photo credit: Splash News