POSTED: Tech N9ne Shows Us His Hometown, Scenes From His USO Tour

In case you didn't hear the exciting news last week, Tech N9ne is MTV's POSTED artist for February! The "Am I A Psycho?" rapper's already proven he makes for an excellent tour guide when he showed us around his insanely posh record company HQ. This week, Tech takes us on two very different tours: his hometown of Kansas City, MO, and his free USO concert tour in the Middle East. No need to thank us for the free, all-exclusive vacays, guys.

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Our first video shows Tech visiting the neighborhood where he grew up in Kansas City while offering peeks at his old schools and house. We even learn that he owes his fame to local record store 7th Heaven: "7th Heaven is where I had my first major signing to promote [Tech N9ne's third studio album] Anghellic, and it was massive. They gave us our start."

Next, we head to the Middle East for Tech N9ne's USO tour. Instead of taking a well-deserved break from doing 90 shows in 90 days, Tech volunteers five free performances for American soldiers stationed there. A montage of clips catches Tech performing for the troops along with interviews of soldiers grateful for the famous rapper's visit. Goes to show ya: Just because you're from middle America doesn't mean you won't end up on a USO tour in the Middle East someday! Dream big, kids.

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+ Watch Tech N9ne visit his hometown and clips from his USO tour.