Star Spotting: Nick Jonas Really Does Know How To Succeed Without Really Trying

Nick Jonas signs a piggy bank. Aww!

It looks like Nick Jonas actually knows the secret on "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying": You have to save your money to make it rich, guys!

The youngest Jonas Brother took a break from being a Broadway star to attend the "Kids Night On Broadway" 2012 Fan Kick-Off Fest. And per every single time we've ever seen him public, bro was looking perfectly dapper while he was photographed autographing piggy banks for fans. That's the other secret to making it: Just be a super nice guy.

While we appreciate Nick taking the time to educate modern kids on the old adage "A penny saved is a penny earned," we're pretty much banking on the fact that half those whippersnappers took that autographed memorabilia straight to eBay to cash in on that Jonas Brother fame. 'Cause y'all know that's how you really succeed without even trying -- celebrity online auctions.

Photo credit: Splash News