Video Premiere: Terraplane Sun, 'Funnel Of Love'

Venice, Calif., blues-rockers Terraplane Sun

Today in "Videos That Look Like Sweet Instagram Photos," we've got a golden-hued trip to the beach from Terraplane Sun, a Venice, Calif., band that knows a thing or two about hitting the boardwalk. "Funnel Of Love" (made famous by country/rockabilly singer Wanda Jackson) captures the blues-rock quartet soaking up the sun, snaking some lunch-time brewskis, pointing at palm tees, chasing seagulls on the beach and generally doing all the awesome things Californians who don't work in an office get to do while y'all are still wearing gloves and overcoats. Don't hate! After this video, the band will totally spend an hour and a half in the car just to drive to their show on the other side of town, so we'd say that makes things even.

+ Watch Terraplane Sun's "Funnel Of Love" video after the jump.

The laid-back track starts with a sizzling guitar riff before chugging a heavy dose of mellow, slowing things down with handclaps, finger snaps (!) and a tasty keyboard solo. "Here I go, I'm going down, down, down," Ben Rothbard sings, though after watching dude romp around the beach, we bet his mood's back on the way up.

"Funnel Of Love" is the latest from Terraplane Sun's Coyote, which the band cranked out in three days last year. And they say Angelenos are lazy. Go ahead, get your vitamin D on.

+ Watch Terraplane Sun's "Funnel of Love" video.

Photo credit: Jake Netter