Mariah Carey's 'Fantasy' Has A Pop Up Video (!!!), You Should Watch It

OMG, OMG, Z-O-M-G. Mariah Carey's "Fantasy," one of THE BEST songs of our generation, has a "Pop Up Video," and we felt like you guys should know about it! Now is also the time you guys should know that for my 12th birthday, my dear father gifted me with life-size cardboard cutout of Mariah Carey that I still have to this day. #sadbuttrue

Thanks to our pals over at "Pop Up Video" we've learned several juicy tidbits about the filming of this cinematic masterpiece. For example, did you know that Mariah was actually riding that insane roller coaster, and it wasn't just some edit room magic? They mounted the camera to the front of the roller coaster and Mariah did her thang. (Clearly, motion sickness is not an issue for her.) We also find out that the "Fantasy" video was Mariah's directorial debut (great job, gurl!). She drew the storyboard for the video using -- wait for it -- stick figures.

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We also discover that Mariah used her actual pals in the video, and according to her high school yearbook, her main interests were Corvettes, disco and "guidos." See, even back then Carey was a trendsetter! She was into the guys of "Jersey Shore" years before they became conventionally hot. (They're conventionally hot now, right?)+ Watch Mariah Carey's "Fantasy" Pop Up Video and don't miss "Pop Up Video" on VH1, Wednesdays at noon and 12:30 p.m. ET!

Photo credit: Getty Images